The latest iteration

Cecile Fabre (Oxford): The Case for Foreign Electoral Subversion (“I simply wish to show that, under certain conditions and subject to certain constraints, subversion is pro tanto justified”). My fellow prisoners: George Blaustein on John McCain. Thread: “McCain’s funeral was very moving and appropriately political (as befits the funeral of a major political figure). But it also reflected the weakness of a certain type of politics, Decency Resistance or Ancien Regime Resistance”. From revolutionary to strongman: Gioconda Belli on how Daniel Ortega became a tyrant. Nuance, a love story: Meghan Daum on her affair with the intellectual dark web. Dvora Meyers on how USA Gymnastics is imploding. Can we really trust the wealthy to fix America?

Mollie Tibbetts’s father asks that her death not be exploited to promote racism. The death of the runner Mollie Tibbetts has ignited a national conversation about the harassment and fears women face every time they go for a run. Ben Smith: “I helped create insider political journalism. Now it’s time for it to go away”. Southerners tore down Silent Sam — now Northerners need to tear down Confederate flags. Serving time should not mean “prison slavery”: A national strike by prisoners is the latest iteration of demands for freedom from forced labor. Brazil museum fire: “Incalculable” loss as 200-year-old Rio institution gutted.