The Brett Kavanaugh show

Todd W. Shaw and Steven G. Calabresi (Northwestern): The Jurisprudence of Justice Samuel Alito. Clarence Thomas is the most important legal thinker in America. Is Clarence Thomas the Supreme Court’s future? The conservative justice’s obsession with the past was on full display during the recent term. Neil Gorsuch is the most illegitimate member of the Supreme Court in U.S. history. How the Trump administration is remaking the courts: Thanks to ruthless discipline — and a plan long in the making — the G.O.P is carrying out a sweeping transformation of the federal judiciary. Cristian Farias on Noel Francisco, Trump’s tenth justice. What happens when the Supreme Court becomes significantly more conservative than the public? Emily Bazelon on when the Supreme Court lurches right.

From Congressional Research Service, a report on Questioning Judicial Nominees: Legal Limitations and Practice; and a report on Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh: His Jurisprudence and Potential Impact on the Supreme Court. The long-shot path to killing Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination runs through the heart of the American health care system — and right into the November midterm elections. Welcome to the Brett Kavanaugh show.