Always a new low for the Trump White House

Bob Woodward’s new book reveals a “nervous breakdown” of Trump’s presidency (and more). Of course there’s a tweet: Some sage advice for Donald Trump about picking a fight with Bob Woodward, from Donald Trump. There’s always a new low for the Trump White House. Everybody in the White House considers Trump an idiot (and more and more). “It is astonishing that the country has allowed this clownish hustler to remain President for almost two years”. Does anyone at this point still believe that Republicans would react in a meaningful way if Trump were to fire Rosenstein and initiate a Saturday Night Massacre against Mueller? Congressional Republicans don’t even pretend to stand up to Trump anymore.

The only thing standing between American democracy and Trump’s vision of a Putin-like regime that terrorizes the opposition while nourishing an oligarchy of regime supporters is that much-mocked word: a norm. Want to save the GOP, Republicans? Vote for every Democrat on this year’s ballot. The next decade is on the ballot in 2018: To reverse Republican gerrymandering, Democrats must win key races this fall. New 2018 midterm poll has Democrats up 14 points on Republicans. Bruce Bartlett on why Democrats are screwed even if they win.