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James Christensen (Essex): Arming the Outlaws: On The Moral Limits of the Arms Trade. Maarten Boudry (Ghent) and Michel Vlerick (Tilburg): The End of Inquiry? How to Overcome Human Cognitive Limitations. Alex Jones said bans would strengthen him — he was wrong. Colin Kaepernick’s Nike sponsorship shows that athletes have more power than they realize. Trump’s new plan to detain immigrant families indefinitely, explained. Kim declares “faith” in Trump, who offers his thanks. “Bless Nixon for those tapes”: Claudia Dreifus interviews John Dean. Hollywood redeems men for almost anything and punishes women for almost everything. The anonymity dilemma: New York Times rivals react to explosive op-ed.

Why was Kavanaugh obsessed with Vince Foster? Thread: “here’s why on personal level, unlike Gorsuch for instance, i really can't stand Kavanaugh—he's been part of every awful thing GOP has done for last 20 yrs”. Kavanaugh is presenting himself as a #MeToo ally — his record shows he is not. The things we know Kavanaugh has lied under oath about: Abortion, warrantless wiretapping, torture (and more). If I didn’t know this was all rigged, I’d think Brett Kavanaugh is in serious trouble. Kavanaugh hearings show his devotion to presidential power. Kavanaugh will kill the constitution: The legitimacy of the Supreme Court is on the line. A simple plan for saving the Supreme Court: Court-packing might seem attractive — but there are better solutions.