A libertarian case

Victor L. Shammas (Oslo): Burying Mont Pelerin: Milton Friedman and Neoliberal Vanguardism. Charlie T. Blunden (Utrecht): Libertarianism and Collective Action: Is There a Libertarian Case for Mandatory Vaccination? Adam Gurri on finding liberty between vulnerability and coercion. Must we have cultural commitments as well as political ones? Stephanie Slade and Matt Zwolinski debate whether libertarianism is about more than the state. The “classical liberal” pivot: A new big tent for the clown show — from Paul Ryan to the YouTube right. For fancy racists, classical liberalism offers respect, intrigue. From Current Affairs, here are some puzzles for libertarians; and a review of Capitalism vs. Freedom: The Toll Road to Serfdom by Rob Larson.

Why should we care, then, about a discredited goofball ideology from deep within the last century? Because Ayn Rand–style libertarianism has probably never been more assertive in American politics than it is today.