Catching up

Regina Queiroz (NOVA): Individual Liberty and the Importance of the Concept of the People. Richard E. Lee (SUNY Binghamton): Lessons of the Longue Duree: The Legacy of Fernand Braudel. The Brazilian elite’s plan to destroy the Workers’ Party has failed. Fernando Haddad is the man standing between Brazil and authoritarianism. Devin Nunes’s family farm moved to Iowa, employs undocumented workers. NAFTA is now USMCA: The good, the bad, and the meh (and more). Trump makes minor trade deal, declares world-historic victory. Why Indonesia’s tsunami was so deadly: A massive 18-foot tsunami has killed more than 1,200 in Indonesia, and the toll may still rise. Why was the color violet rarely used by artists before the 1860s?

Rachel Mitchell’s former colleague slams her Kavanaugh memo as “absolutely disingenuous”. Rachel Mitchell is not very good at propaganda. Brett Kavanaugh’s lies are catching up with him. The angry white male caucus: Trumpism is all about the fear of losing traditional privilege. Lyz Lenz on Christine Blasey Ford and the empty language of bravery. Republicans think Kavanaugh is energizing their base — he’s also energizing the opposition. The man who gave his Supreme Court seat to Donald Trump is very upset about incivility (and more). Brett Kavanaugh is Patient Zero: President Trump’s nominee would bring a virus of illegitimacy and partisanship to the Supreme Court.