The mood for democracy

Hans Arentshorst (Jyvaskyla): Perspectives on Freedom: Normative and Political Views on the Preconditions of a Free Democratic Society. David S. Law (WUSTL): Alternatives to Liberal Constitutional Democracy. Natasha Piano (Chicago): Revisiting Democratic Elitism: The Italian School of Elitism, American Political Science and the Problem of Plutocracy. Balamatsias Pavlos (Ioannina): Democracy and Government Spending. Christopher Claassen (Glasgow): In the Mood for Democracy? Democratic Support as Thermostatic Opinion. Anthoula Malkopoulou and Ludvig Norman (Uppsala): Three Models of Democratic Self-Defence: Militant Democracy and Its Alternatives.

Daniela Cammack (Yale): The Kratos in Demokratia. Seva Gunitsky (Toronto): Democratic Waves in Historical Perspective. Samuel Bagg (McGill): Beyond the Search for the Subject: An Anti-Essentialist Ontology for Liberal Democracy. Pettit Philip (ANU): Democracy before, in, and after Schumpeter. Barry R. Weingast (Stanford): From High to Low Stakes Politics: Should Majoritarians Embrace Countermajoritarian Constitutional Provisions? Michael Albertus and Victor Menaldo on how flawed constitutions undermine democracy.