Indigenous Peoples Day instead

Kyle Whyte (Michigan State): Settler Colonialism, Ecology and Environmental Injustice; and What do Indigenous Knowledges do for Indigenous Peoples? Jennifer Hendry (Leeds) and Melissa L. Tatum (Arizona): Justice for Native Nations: Insights from Legal Pluralism. James Angus Fraser (Lancaster): Amazonian Struggles for Recognition. “Guardians of the forest”: Indigenous peoples come together to assert role in climate stability. Allegories of America: Robbie Richardson on American “Indians” and the British imperial imaginary. We will not abandon you: Melanie Yazzie on urban indigenous youth and the struggle for decolonization. #NotInvisible: Why are Native American women vanishing?

Joseph William Singer (Harvard): Indian Nations and the Constitution. Judith M. Stinson (Washington and Lee): When Tribal Disenrollment Becomes Cruel and Unusual. Carlos Cruz Mosquera on Jose Carlos Mariategui: Welding Marxism and Indigenism in Latin America today. Indigenous peoples are vital to curtailing the climate crisis. The Tribes vs. Donald Trump: Abe Streep reports on a historic case that will reverberate for generations. “America First” should start with the plight of the country’s abandoned Native population. Amazon tribe never seen by outsiders is spotted by drone. To protect lone survivor of decimated Amazon tribe, group releases footage proving he’s still alive.

Victoria F. Phillips (American): Beyond Trademark: The Washington Redskins Case and the Search for Dignity. How mapmakers help indigenous people defend their lands: With help from cartographers, native peoples’ hand-drawn maps of their own territory become a tool against exploitation. An advanced digital map is being used to save forests — and indigenous land — in Paraguay. Could Australia soon recognise sovereigns other than the Queen? It’s the last ex-British colony to not ratify a treaty with its First Nations people, but that may be changing. The US government should cede territory back to Native Americans.

America as Indian country: Peter Schjeldahl in the omnipresence of Native Americans in popular culture. Here are the places that have scrapped Columbus Day and celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead.