The battle over the Supreme Court nomination

If Gorsuch is the Cuckoo Justice, laying his eggs in another person’s rightful nest, Kavanaugh is a trained Pigeon. Trump didn’t just get a new Supreme Court Justice — he’ll get another DC circuit judge, too. Molly McKew on Brett Kavanaugh and the information terrorists trying to reshape America. Bonnie Mann on Trump’s new taunt, Kavanaugh’s defense and how misogyny rules: The battle over the Supreme Court nomination is not about truth — it is about who controls meaning. Chivalry isn’t dead — but it should be: Amy S. Kaufman on the medieval defense of Brett Kavanaugh. Christine Blasey Ford still can’t go home due to “unending” death threats. Political theology, insofar as it can articulate an analysis of and resistance to rape culture, offers many resources for confronting sexual violence.

Nancy LeTourneau on the gaslighting effect of both-siderism: “Accurate reporting would confirm the facts rather than go in search of a way to claim that both sides do it”. A reaction to a heartbreaking week in American politics: A defeat or a call to action?