Interpretations of political theory

From Public Reason, a special issue on Methods in Normative Political Theory/Philosophy. Dorota Pietrzyk-Reeves (Jagiellonian): Normative Political Theory. Mark J Lutz (UNLV): The Confrontation between Classical Political Philosophy and the Gods of the City. Michael Frazer (East Anglia): The Ethics of Interpretation in Political Theory and Intellectual History. From Contemporary Political Theory, a symposium on Creolizing Political Theory: Reading Rousseau Through Fanon by Jane Anna Gordon. Mathias Thaler (Edinburgh): Unhinged Frames: Assessing Thought Experiments in Normative Political Theory. Demetris Tillyris reviews Flattery and the History of Political Thought: That Glib and Oily Art by Daniel J. Kapust. Corey Robin: “What can political theory tell us about Trump? Probably not much”.

Mark R. Reiff (UC-Davis): Twenty-One Statements about Political Philosophy: An Introduction and Commentary on the State of the Profession. Katherine A Gordy (SFSU): Marxian Interpretations of Political Theory: Locating a Tradition. Joshua Foa Dienstag (UCLA): The Example of History and the History of Examples in Political Theory. Tariq Modood (Bristol) and Simon Thompson (UWE Bristol): Revisiting Contextualism in Political Theory: Putting Principles into Context. Raffaella Baritono interviews Michael Freeden on the contemporary role of political theory. Great books in a digital age: James Poulos on political philosophy, the discipline best suited for wrestling with today’s crisis of institutional criticism. Chinese universities told to reduce class sizes for ideological and political theory courses. You can download Feminist Political Theory: An Introduction by Valerie Bryson (2003).