After all the votes are counted

Li Zhou on 12 charts that explain the record-breaking year women have had in politics: It’s the “Year of the Woman” in more ways than one. Why don’t young people vote? Don’t lament young people’s apathy, consider what’s making them apathetic. The 2018 campaign revealed the true fissure in American democracy. Kevin Drum on the revenge of the median voter theorem. Why long lines at polling places are a voting rights issue: Polling places are disappearing in blue states as well as red — it’s a quiet form of voter suppression. Long lines to vote are a sign democracy isn’t working. The future of the Democratic Party rests on voting rights.

The biggest Democratic stars of the midterms lost — here’s who you should know about now. The midterms mark a turning point in the Trump presidency. The Mueller race will resume after all the votes are counted.