California’s wildfires

California fire: What started as a tiny brush fire became the state’s deadliest wildfire — here’s how. The Paradise fire is catastrophic, and the wildfire threat to California is only growing: The ingredients that fueled the deadly wildfire were brewing for years — residents only had minutes to flee. The view from the ground: A wildland firefighter on how fires have transformed since his career began 20 years ago. California’s DIY firefighters battle alone as the richest hire private teams. California’s wildfires have spawned a truly weird new conspiracy theory. Wildfires have changed California — they’ve changed journalism, too. List of missing in California fire is over 1,000 people — here is how they’re being counted.

In California, climate change has turned rainy season into fire season. Why the wildfire in Northern California was so severe: Heat, wind, and drought — and long-term climate trends — conspired to create the deadly Camp Fire. How does California’s wildlife cope with massive wildfires?