Lauren Hendricks: "Fighting Poverty with Data"

Lauren Hendricks is the Executive Vice President for Program Strategy and Institutional Relations at Grameen Foundation, a global nonprofit that creates breakthrough solutions spanning financial, agricultural and health services. Grameen uses digital technology and strengthen local partner networks to design and deliver solutions that open opportunity for women and families living in poverty.

Lauren leads a riveting discussion, giving a broad overview of Grameen’s work to use new digital technology to solve the lingering problems facing the nearly one billion people still living in poverty today. She also gives a detailed overview of some of Grameen’s work focused on data-driven solutions, including a new SAT4Faming Project, through which we are developing a geo data-enabled agriculture service and technology platform aimed at increasing the farm yields of smallholder cocoa farmers in Ghana. Lauren also discusses potential uses for data collected during Grameen Foundation projects that will enable the development community to better understand our beneficiaries and the field workers who interact with them.