Minneapolis – Be The Facts You Wish To Read: A Press Freedom Discussion

With an overflow in the amount of information that is readily available to us as readers due to the advancement of technology, it may be difficult to understand the facts that are presented to us as consumers of the news. The Target Performance Hall located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was the host location for an in-depth discussion about censorship, news literacy, and the importance of fact-checking with locally based writers and authors.

Panel members for this conversation included Sheila Regan and Sun Yung Shin along with PEN America Members Shannon Gibney, Caroline Casey, and Marya Hornbacher. This panel was moderated by Joanna R. Demkiewicz (The Riveter). When it comes to fraudulent news, you have an active role to play. After this evening, participants were able to take the steps necessary to understand how they can speak up for press freedom and learn to engage in productive dialogue.