Far from over

Paul T. Babie (Adelaide): The Future of Private Property. House Dems settle on big anti-corruption push. Global growth cools, leaving scars of ’08 unhealed. The new lawsuit challenging Georgia’s entire elections system, explained. The agenda for Mexico’s new leftist president is ambitious — but is it doable? The migrant crisis means no honeymoon for Mexico’s new president. Why the Ebola outbreak in DRC has spun out of control. Franklin Foer on George H.W. Bush: The last WASP president. Wall Street is betting that lawmakers want to humiliate Big Tech — but not regulate it. Physiognomy is a discarded 19th-century pseudoscience — why can’t we stop practicing it?

US and China reach a compromise — but the trade standoff is far from over. The United States should choose conciliation with China, not confrontation. China’s Great Leap Backward: For decades, the country managed to avoid most problems suffered by dictatorships — now Xi Jinping’s personal power play risks undermining everything that made China exceptional.