Era of nativist populism

Why is populism suddenly all the rage? “The liberal order is the incubator for authoritarianism”: Francis Wade interviews Pankaj Mishra, author of Age of Anger: A History of the Present. Nationalists of the world, unite? Though internationalism has been the preserve of the Left at least since the French Revolution, it has now assumed a paradoxical role in modern right-wing populist and nationalist movements. The complex roots of populism: Gavin Jacobson reviews What is Populism? by Jan-Werner Muller; National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy by Roger Eatwell and Matthew Goodwin; Populism: A Very Short Introduction by Cas Mudde and Cristobal Rovira Kaltwasser; and For a Left Populism by Chantal Mouffe. In search of a new equilibrium: Immigration policymaking in the newest era of nativist populism.