In the broadest sense

John William Draper (Penn): Preserving Life by Ranking Rights. Paolo Passaglia (Pisa): Unicameralism, Bicameralism, Multicameralism: Evolution and Trends in Europe. In newly divided government, who will control the political agenda? “We did not come to play”: Politics’ new power players are ready for a fight. Democrats are fighting about whether deficits matter — that’s good. Poop is piling up in national parks thanks to government shutdown. The government shutdown is choking Indian Country. Sometimes autocrats strengthen their power by expanding women’s rights — here’s how that works. Will cryogenically frozen people ever be revived? The introduction to The Spectre of Race: How Discrimination Haunts Western Democracy by Michael G. Hanchard.

Simon Munzert (Hertie School): Measuring the Importance of Political Elites. Bennett Callaghan, Michael Kraus, and John F. Dovidio (Yale): Social Class Predicts Preference for Competent Politicians. Elizabeth Warren’s theory of everything: The Massachusetts senator is pitching her campaign as a war on corruption in the broadest sense. Supreme Court poised to weigh in on secret Muller-linked grand jury case. Russia detained an American for espionage — here’s what we know. Chatbots are a danger to democracy: We need to identify, disqualify and regulate chatbots before they destroy political speech. Was there a civilization on Earth before humans? A look at the available evidence.