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Marcus Schulzke (York): The Politics of Attributing Blame for Cyberattacks and the Costs of Uncertainty. Will the Supreme Court sanction the robbery of tribal lands? Day 1 in office: Brazil's Bolsonaro issues orders targeting ethnic minorities, LGBTQ community. Jair Bolsonaro launches assault on Amazon rainforest protections. Why aren’t Democrats standing up for low-wage government workers? Janitors, security guards, and other contractors deserve back pay after the shutdown ends, just like federal employees do. The PAYGO fight roiling House Democrats, explained. Why the new Democratic majority could work better than the last. Women’s magazines are dying — will we miss them when they’re gone?

Jennifer Shkabatur (IDC): The Global Commons of Data. The iPhone has big problems in China — and across the globe. Should the Left unite behind Elizabeth Warren? (and more) Spurning Erdogan’s vision, Turks leave in droves, draining money and talent. How to shut down future shutdowns. The hardest glass ceiling in politics: This was supposed to be the year of the woman — but dozens of female political operatives say they weren’t invited to the party. Without radical innovation, air conditioning is set to make global warming much worse. China just landed on the far side of the moon — it has plans to do a lot more.