Coming to terms

Guy A. Rub (OSU): Amazon and the New World of Publishing. Brazil’s national police deployed to curb wave of unrest. What does Donald Trump think about when he thinks about “wall”? The border wall: How a potent symbol is now boxing Trump in. No, Trump cannot declare an “emergency” to build his wall (and more). Millions face delayed tax refunds, cuts to food stamps as White House scrambles to deal with shutdown’s consequences (and more and more). 1 big thing: The force that could end the shutdown. A simple way to prevent government shutdowns. How to end government shutdowns, forever. Sultan Muhammad V steps down as Malaysia’s king. Three big questions about the curious Paul Whelan “spy” case.

How Ecuador and the US locked themselves into a stalemate over Julian Assange. The story of an American Islamic State member allegedly captured in Syria. Who’s afraid of the budget deficit? Democrats shouldn’t put themselves in a fiscal straitjacket. House Democrats aim to make voting rights a national priority. Democrats’ sleeping giant: Impeachment. Coming to terms with the impeachment process: Bob Bauer on the case for starting a formal inquiry. Republican solidarity will protect Trump from impeachment. Ukrainian Orthodox Christians formally break from Russia. Should animals win acting Oscars? Francisco Mejia Uribe on why believing without evidence is always morally wrong.