Between the words

From The Philosophy of GIS, Rasmus Gronfeldt Winther (Santa Cruz): Mapping the Deep Blue Oceans. From Vox, several Democratic senators want to block all Senate bills until Mitch McConnell takes up a bill to reopen the government; House Democrats have a new strategy to reopen the government: pass smaller spending bills; and all 20 previous government shutdowns, explained. What will it take to end the shutdown? Watch these three things. Without legal justification, WH says IRS will pay tax refunds even if shutdown continues. What John Stuart Mill got wrong about freedom of speech. Who killed The Weekly Standard? Ray Monk on Kurt Godel and the romance of logic.

Dawood Mamoon (World Economic Survey): A Brief History of Pakistan’s Democratic Journey (2008-2018). Is Donald Trump losing his agenda-setting power? Anne Helen Petersen on how millennials became the burnout generation. Stop saying “America isn’t ready”. Jeffrey C. Isaac on calls to impeach the motherfucker: The Democratic Party needs a “dialectic” between the words of Tlaib and the words of Pelosi. For the investor class, Romney’s call for good manners is soothing — and irrelevant. US halts cooperation with UN on potential human rights violations. What the hell is a presidential “exploratory committee”? Kilian Huber, Volker Lindenthal, and Fabian Waldinger on the economic costs of a discriminatory ideology.