Of sports

Dimitris Xygalatas (UConn): What Fuses Sports Fans? Paul Campos on the psychological economics of sports fandom. Carl Stempel (CSUEB): Sport, Social Class, and Cultural Capital: Building on Bourdieu and His Critics. John T. Holden (Oklahoma State): Ghosts in the Machine: How Corrupters Manipulate Games that Never Happened. Kevin M. Kniffin and Dylan Palacio (Cornell): Trash-Talking and Trolling. Manav Kant and Lisa R. Goldberg (UC-Berkeley): Extreme Shooters in the NBA. Something is rotten about baseball free agency. Itamar Caspi, Yuval Mazar, Noam Michelson, and Shay Tsur (Bank of Israel): Does Guilt Affect Performance? Evidence from Penalty Kicks in Soccer. MLS finally learned it doesn’t need to compete with the premiership to matter. Tom Scocca on sports divisions, ranked.

Was the NFL’s success this season just a “dead cat bounce”? Since the NFL anthem protests, white fans like the white players more — and the black ones less. Does the Super Bowl feel too political? Thank American militarism. Should we keep politics out of sports? Brands pay for the privilege of uttering the phrase “Super Bowl”. Would our early ancestors have watched the Super Bowl? Super Bowl LIII to feature male cheerleaders for the first time.