Overlooked: Ida B. Wells

Born in Mississippi within a year of emancipation, journalist and activist Ida B. Wells lit up the lynching-laden, injustice-soaked Jim Crow-era south with boycotts, legal battles, and scorching editorials. As a fierce investigative journalist, she unveiled racist violence and humanized the stories of the victims. Despite her remarkable impact, Wells never received an obituary in The New York Times—until now. As part of a project called Overlooked, Wells’ newly penned obituary will join those of other remarkable women in history. Nikole Hannah-Jones (investigative reporter for The New York Times Magazine); Michelle Duster (Wells’ great granddaughter); and Eve L. Ewing come together in recognition of the enduring legacy of Ida B. Wells-Barnett, and the equally enduring fight for racial justice. Natalie Moore (South Side bureau reporter for WBEZ) will moderate.

This program is presented in partnership with The New York Times and the Chicago Urban League, with the support of the Lohengrin Foundation.