Reflecting on religion

Daniele Bertini (Rome): On What a Religion Is Not. Johann Platzer (Graz): Does a Truly Ultimate God Need to Exist? Rik Peels (VU Amsterdam): Can God be Jealous? Amber Griffioen (Konstanz): Are You There, God? It’s Me, the Theist: On the Viability and Virtuosity of Non-Doxastic Prayer. Lloyd Strickland (MMU): The Problem of Religious Evil: Does Belief in God Cause Evil? Jon Mahoney (Kansas State): Religion, Identity, and Violence. Katherine Dormandy (Innsbruck): The Epistemic Benefits of Religious Disagreement; and Does Epistemic Humility Threaten Religious Beliefs? The introduction to The Birth of Modern Belief: Faith and Judgment from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment by Ethan H. Shagan.

From Anthropological Measurements of Philosophical Research, A. V. Halapsis (DSUIA): The Measure of All Gods: Religious Paradigms of Antiquity as Anthropological Invariants. How to read the Good Books: From the Torah to the Quran, sacred texts can resist and reward modern readers. What happens to religion when we find aliens? A rabbi, an imam, and a Christian theologian on what life in space could mean for the spiritual. Albert Einstein's “God letter” reflecting on religion auctioned for $3m.