Left on taxes

From ProPublica, a special report on how the IRS was gutted; and who’s more likely to be audited, a person making $20,000 or $400,000? Poll: Warren’s wealth tax is very popular. Voters aren’t moving left on taxes — Democrats are moving toward voters. Democrats’ tax plans reflect profound shift in public mood. How Donald Trump is helping Democrats to call for tax increases. A wealth tax is better than some of the alternatives. How Elizabeth Warren would try forcing billionaires to pay her wealth tax. Brandon L. Garrett (Duke): Wealth, Equal Protection, and Due Process. This is a great time to hike the estate tax, because America’s billionaires are getting really, really old. People like the estate tax a whole lot more when they learn how wealth is distributed. What’s really radical? Not taxing the rich. Why taxation is neither theft nor slavery: Being billed for government services isn’t theft, but property itself is.