Victor LaValle & Guests: A People's Future of the United States | NYPL

Some of today’s most imaginative writers of speculative fiction challenge old narratives of oppression by envisioning new futures for America.

Howard Zinn’s seminal 1980 work A People’s History of the United States challenged our understanding of the country’s past by uncovering its darker truths; nearly 40 years later A People’s Future of the United States challenges our visions of tomorrow with stories about freedom, love, and justice. While Zinn helped give voice to many whose histories had been overlooked—like the working poor and immigrant laborers—this new collection of stories restores a sense of justice to the generations of their offspring who have in turn been deprived of the right to create futures of their own design.

A People’s Future of the United States comes to life as one of its editors, Victor LaValle, speaks with four contributors— Maria Dahvana Headley, N.K. Jemisin, Alice Sola Kim, and Sam J. Miller—about the fantasies and projections for the future of the country they have dared to imagine.