Philosophy and the environment

Daniel Matthews (Hong Kong): From Global to Anthropocenic Assemblages: Re-Thinking Territory, Authority and Rights in the New Climatic Regime. Hye Young Kim (ENS): Entelechy of Technology? A Philosophical Analysis of Anthropocene. Amanda Machin (UW/H): Democracy and Agonism in the Anthropocene: The Challenges of Knowledge, Time and Boundary. Jayne Svenungsson (Lund): Interdependence and the Biblical Legacy of Anthropocentrism: On Human Destructiveness and Human Responsibility. Hannah Rogers reviews Welcome to the Anthropocene by Alice Major. Why the “Anthropocene” is not “climate change” and why it matters.

Arran Gare (Swinburne): Ethics, Philosophy and the Environment. Dominika Dzwonkowska (UKSW): Is Environmental Virtue Ethics Anthropocentric? Benjamin Barnard (Essex): Do Rights-Based Moralities Cause Climate Change? Balancing the Rights of Current Persons and the Needs of Future Generations. Steve Paulson interviews Bruno Latour, author of Facing Gaia: Eight Lectures on the New Climatic Regime (and more).