Square the circle

Valeriano Diviacchi (Harvard): Race and Class: Are They Social Constructs or Ontologically Real and How Are They Related? (A View From the Bottom Up). On Iran, it’s Trump’s national security adviser vs. Trump’s intel chiefs. Perry Bacon on 6 things to listen for when the 2020 Democrats talk about policy. “Progressive prosecutor”: Can Kamala Harris square the circle? Amy Klobuchar, latest presidential candidate, faces questions about temperament, treatment of staff (and more and more). “This is my space”: Kirsten Gillibrand’s unabashedly feminist campaign. “A woman, just not that woman”: How sexism plays out on the trail. Emily Stewart asked Wall Street insiders whether they’d prefer Elizabeth Warren or Donald Trump — it turned out to be a hard question. Blackwater mercenary Erik Prince has a new $1 trillion Chinese boss.

Sharp rise in anti-Semitic acts in France stokes old fears. The gatekeepers: Mychal Denzel Smith on the burden of the black public intellectual. Black women freedom fighters: An interview with Keith Gilyard and Joseph R. Fitzgerald. Does Trump’s success vindicate or undermine liberal theory? Samuel Scheffler on the Rawlsian diagnosis of Donald Trump. Sinaloa cartel marches on after El Chapo arrest, conviction. Historian who shamed Davos elites Rutger Bregman says Tucker Carlson called him a “fucking moron” in meltdown. Wait, what’s going on in Thailand? Here’s the background. Are we rational when it comes to rationality? Jakub Rudnicki reviews Rationality and Decision Making: From Normative Rules to Heuristics, ed. Marek Hetmanski.