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David Stebenne (Ohio State): Is American Democracy Endangered? Perry Anderson on Bolsonaro’s Brazil. When do racists deserve forgiveness? Why Ralph Northam’s racist fiasco is a golden opportunity for black voters. U.S. Senate does rare good thing and passes major conservation legislation (and more). Anand Toprani on a primer on the geopolitics of oil. The much-heralded end of the Mueller investigation: No one knows when it will actually “wrap up” — or what it will mean when it does. A look at the economics of cryptocurrency pump and dump schemes. Elisabeth Zerofsky on Eric Zemmour, the right-wing pundit “hashtag triggering” France. Political cult leader Lyndon LaRouche dies at 96 (and more).

From Cato Unbound, Stephen Davies on the Great Realignment: Understanding politics today. You don’t have to worry about a national measles outbreak. Black History Month includes Black queer history, too: “We, too, have been here, have been Black and queer, and still aren’t going anywhere”. Overlooked: These remarkable black men and women never received obituaries in The New York Times — until now. Paid line-standing: The bizarre congressional practice that shocked Ocasio-Cortez, explained. Global insect collapse “catastrophic for the survival of mankind”. What exactly is “intellectual cool”? Cool, even if by itself is a dead end, can — paradoxically enough — sometimes lead to things larger than the modish demands of the present.