Trump declares a national emergency

From Vox, Li Zhou on why Trump is signing a border security deal and declaring a national emergency at the same time. Mitch McConnell just set a hugely dangerous precedent on national emergencies (and more and more and more and more). Trump’s face-saving way out of crisis raises fears over rule of law (and more and more). Let’s say Trump declares a national emergency — what happens next? If Trump declares a national emergency, Pelosi can jam Republicans — here’s how. Trump’s emergency powers won’t get him a wall — Congress has to approve any such action, just for starters. What does Trump’s pending declaration of emergency mean about his power and the state of his presidency?

Trump wants the military to build the border wall — it might not be legal. Trump may have $21 billion in military funds available for the wall. The new Republican strategy for dealing with the emergency that is Trump: pray. “Off the rails”: Inside Trump’s attempt to claim victory in his border wall defeat. Trump didn’t get his border wall — but he’s winning the immigration debate. “In yet more proof of one of the enduring truths of the Trump era, There Is Always a Tweet”.