Framing of geoengineering

Joshua B. Horton and David W. Keith (Harvard), Jesse L. Reynolds (Utrecht), Holly Jean Buck (UCLA), Daniel Callies (Frankfurt), Stefan Schafer (IASS), and Steve Rayner (Oxford): Solar Geoengineering and Democracy. Marion Hourdequin (Colorado College): Climate Change, Climate Engineering, and the “Global Poor”: What Does Justice Require? Kaitlin T. Raimi (Michigan), Alexander Maki and Michael P. Vandenbergh (Vanderbilt) and David Dana (Northwestern): Framing of Geoengineering Affects Support for Climate Change Mitigation. Sikina Jinnah (UC-Santa Cruz), Simon Nicholson (American), and Jane Flegal (Spitzer Trust): Toward Legitimate Governance of Solar Geoengineering Research: A Role for Sub-State Actors.

We could spray cheap chemicals in the air to slow climate change — should we? Geoengineering is a last-ditch option to stall global warming — and it’s getting a first test. Planet-hacking became more urgent and terrifying than ever this year. Dave Levitan on why geoengineering is inevitable.