Populist politics

Paul Blokker (Bologna): Populism as a Constitutional Project. Jose Rama Caamaño and Guillermo Cordero (UAM): Who are the Losers of the Economic Crisis? Explaining the Vote for Rightwing Populist Parties in Europe after the Great Recession. Leslie C Gates (Binghamton): Populism: A Puzzle without (and for) World-Systems Analysis. Timothy Stacey (Leiden): Beyond Populist Politics: Why Conventional Politics Needs to Conjure Myths of its Own and Why It Struggles to Do So. Anton Jager reviews Le Retour des populismes: L’Etat du monde 2019, ed. Bertrand Badie and Dominique Vidal. After a rocky 2018, populism is down but far from out in the West. Why populist movements eventually lose their appeal. The introduction to Populism: A Historiographic Category?, ed. Chiara Chini and Sheyla Moroni.

Emmanouil Mavrozacharakis (Crete): Populism and Democracy: An Ambiguous Relationship. Diego A. von Vacano (Texas A&M): American Caudillo: Princely Performative Populism and Democracy in the Americas. What populists do to democracies: Populist governments have deepened corruption, eroded individual rights, and inflicted serious damage on democratic institutions. Could populism actually be good for democracy? A wave of populist revolts has led many to lose faith in the wisdom of people power — but such eruptions are essential to the vitality of modern politics. Is the groundswell of popular discontent in Europe and the Americas what’s really threatening democracy? Reclaiming populism: Lisa Disch reviews Populism’s Power: Radical Grassroots Democracy in America by Laura Grattan and The Global Rise of Populism: Performance, Political Style, and Representation by Benjamin Moffitt.