Anything close

Kei Hiruta (Oxford): A Democratic Consensus? Isaiah Berlin, Hannah Arendt, and the Anti-totalitarian Family Quarrel. From Croatian Political Science Review, a special section on hate speech. Sean Illing interviews Brian Leiter on the case against free speech. With Michael Jackson, it’s different: Why his fall from grace implicates all of us. Theresa May’s Brexit deal fails — again. Could there be a second Brexit referendum? The problem with nostalgia: Michael Musto argues that wearing rose-colored glasses always leads to an unfair distortion — looking back on the best of the past while comparing it to the worst of the present. Ben Thompson on where Warren’s wrong. Will the iconic skull of an ancient human return to Zambia?

From CRS, Michael H. Cecire on Amazon’s HQ2 and Economic Development: Perspectives and Policy Options. The FBI’s college admissions fraud case against Felicity Huffman and many more, explained (and more and more and more and more and more). The radicalism of “equal opportunity”: Having anything close to equal opportunity would require a complete global social transformation. Wajahat Ali interviews Pankaj Mishra on the devastating consequences of Western imperialism, globalization, and capitalism and the fate of liberal democracy. Why Pelosi’s anti-impeachment stand makes sense (and more and more). Not all House Democrats are giving up the impeachment dream. Report: Russia will meddle in European elections, keep prepping for war with NATO.