Even filed

From the Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, David Luban (Georgetown): The Enemy of All Humanity; and four responses and a reply by Luban. The EU is telling European leaders there are only three reasons they should allow Brexit to be delayed. America’s doctors warn Google, Twitter, and Facebook: Anti-vaxxers are weaponizing tech platforms, prompting outbreaks that can “debilitate and kill”. Anti-vaxxers, the Momo challenge: Why lies spread faster than facts. The Manafort case is a reminder that we invest too little in catching white-collar criminals. Kristen Lewis and Sarah Burd-Sharps on Asian Americans as the “model minority”. Jeremy Harding is among the gilets jaunes.

Michal Sladecek (Belgrade): Political Morality and Neutrality. Tristan Bridges and Tara Leigh Tober (UCSB): Mass Shootings, Masculinity, and Gun Violence as Feminist Issues. 8 universities, millions in bribes, 10 corrupt coaches: What you need to know about the admissions-bribery scandal. Photoshopped scenes and fake athletic profiles: How the Internet is picking apart the college-admission scandal. The admissions scandal is really a sports scandal. Mueller report has Washington spinning (and it’s not even filed). Daniel Drezner on the 737 Max and the changing world politics of regulation. “If it gets me, it gets me”: In Churchill, Manitoba, residents live alongside polar bears. The very odd game theory of the 2020 GOP presidential primary.