After Mueller

Dispute erupts over Mueller’s findings on Trump, Russia and obstruction of justice. “The debate is not at all resolved”: Is the Mueller report really a dud? Steve Benen on Donald Trump, Robert Mueller, and a “boiling frog” problem. The Mueller probe was an unmitigated success: The scandal is how much corruption it exposed — and how much turns out to have been perfectly legal. The questions about the Russia scandal we still need answered. Will we ever see the full Mueller report? Sean Illing interviews Renato Mariotti on Barr’s rushed process and why Congress should demand more (and more and more). AG Barr in the spotlight over decision on obstruction allegations (and more and more and more). Mueller isn’t all powerful — we need an election interference commission.

Trump now says Mueller acted honorably after months of disparagement. Trump and his allies plan to use Barr’s summary of Mueller report as a cudgel against critics. Trump and GOP allies want investigation of Mueller probe’s roots. Some conservatives say the end of the Mueller investigation is the beginning of new investigations — of Democrats. Trump didn’t collude with Russia — so why does he love Putin so much? Russia urges Trump to grab chance for new ties after Mueller. Mueller’s Trump report has Moscow in ecstasy, opening the way for more Putin plots. Russia is a threat to American democracy, with or without collusion.

Conclusion of Mueller probe raises anew criticisms of coverage. After Mueller report, news media leaders defend their work. No, the media didn’t over-hype “Russiagate”. Journalists weren’t part of a conspiracy — they were doing their jobs. Serious journalists should be proud of — not bullied over — their Russia reporting.

Disappointed fans of Mueller rethink the pedestal they built for him. Robert Mueller and the collapse of American trust: The reaction to AG William Barr’s Mueller letter reveals a disturbing truth about America. Trump, the Mueller report, and democracy: Jeffrey C. Isaac on very preliminary thoughts on an unfolding story.