Processing the end

Lisa Marshall Manheim and Elizabeth G. Porter (Washington): The Elephant in the Room: Intentional Voter Suppression. Mark Zuckerberg’s call to regulate Facebook, explained. Hard Brexit, dark money: Links between these secretive campaigns raise new questions for Facebook about political ads. Trump’s threats to close the US-Mexico border, explained. Zuzana Caputova is elected Slovakia’s first female president. Boeing crashes highlight the high costs of cheap government. Rachel Cohen on the new politics of the retirement crisis. Stephen Moore would change the Federal Reserve for the worse — much worse. Benoit Basse interviews Peter Singer on Jonathan Glover and the ethics of killing.

Peter M. Shane (OSU): Analyzing Constitutions. From CRS, a report on Free Speech and the Regulation of Social Media Content. “AOC sucks” is the new “Lock her up”. What happens when women stop leading like men: Tina Brown on Jacinda Ardern, Nancy Pelosi and the power of female grace. When is a summary not a summary? Apathy, anger and relief: How voters around the country are processing the end of Mueller. To understand Mueller’s work, focus on counterintelligence. What has to happen for Mueller’s report to become public? William Barr can’t hide the Mueller report. Why courtrooms are kryptonite for Alex Jones. Betsy DeVos’s threats to the Special Olympics are cruel — but disabled people have bigger problems.