Of Supreme Court’s conservative majority

Robert F. Nagel (Colorado): Conservatism and Constitutionalism in the United States. Study: Trump’s judicial appointees are more conservative than those of past Republican presidents. Trump’s new judges are everything conservatives hoped for and liberals feared. Conquerors of the courts: Forget Trump’s Supreme Court picks — the Federalist Society’s impact on the law goes much deeper (and more). Christopher R. Green (Mississippi): Justice Gorsuch and Moral Reality. Gorsuch, swing vote? Neil Gorsuch hates the government — maybe he’ll turn that anger towards prosecutors. Daniel L. Chen (Toulouse) and Elliott Ash (ETH Zurich): What Kind of Judge Is Brett Kavanaugh? A Quantitative Analysis. Precedent, meet Clarence Thomas — you may not get along (and more). Is Trump trying to ease Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court?

A Supreme Court divided — on the Right: Is there a split among conservatives between ideology and the court’s long-term legitimacy? (and more) John Roberts is trying to save the Republican Party from itself. Roberts, leader of Supreme Court’s conservative majority, fights perception that it is partisan. Who is John Roberts kidding? Of course the court system is political — the first step toward changing that is acknowledging it. Michael O’Donnell reviews The Chief: The Life and Turbulent Times of Chief Justice John Roberts by Joan Biskupic (and more).