Of Puerto Rico

From Alternautas, a special issue on The Making of Caribbean Not-so-Natural Disasters. Alexis R. Santos-Lozada (Penn State): Time between Death and Funeral Services in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria. Monica Alexander (Toronto), Emilio Zagheni (MAANA), and Kivan Polimis (Max Planck): The Impact of Hurricane Maria on Out-migration from Puerto Rico: Evidence from Facebook Data. Matt Kaneshiro (Customer Analytics), Collin McCarter (Nielsen), Mario Marazzi-Santiago and Alexis R. Santos-Lozada (Penn State): Population of Puerto Rico Not Displaced by Hurricanes (For Now): It’s the Economy. Over a year later, the U.S. and Puerto Rico fight over every dollar of hurricane aid. What Puerto Rico is, and isn’t, getting in disaster relief.

Puerto Rico faces food-stamp crisis as Trump privately vents about federal aid to Hurricane Maria-battered island (and more). Trump’s latest outburst against Puerto Rico, explained. Nearly everything Trump just said about Puerto Rico is wrong. Trump’s new Puerto Rico hate-tweets rest on a very ugly premise. Anjali Vaidya reviews The Battle for Paradise: Puerto Rico Takes on the Disaster Capitalists by Naomi Klein. Andrew Lanham reviews Almost Citizens: Puerto Rico, the U.S. Constitution, and Empire by Sam Erman.