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Alexandra Wood (Harvard): Is Privacy Privacy? Tom Daly (Melbourne): Populism, Public Law, and Democratic Decay in Brazil: Understanding the Rise of Jair Bolsonaro. The case for public tax returns: In Norway, you can look up your neighbor’s income on the Internet. Lisa DePaulo on John F. Kennedy Jr. and George Magazine: A story of politics, love and loss, 20 years later. Has the “Free Tibet” movement fizzled due to China’s rise? A mysterious infection, spanning the globe in a climate of secrecy. Vanessa A. Bee interviews Jamelle Bouie on what you should watch for in 2020. Howard Schultz only has one idea about politics, and it’s bad. How Saudi Arabia uses women’s rights reforms against women’s rights and reform.

Joseph Blocher and G. Mitu Gulati (Duke): Transferable Sovereignty. Katie R. Eyer (Rutgers): The New Jim Crow is the Old Jim Crow. Trump wants to be “tougher” on immigration — here’s what that could mean. America isn’t full: America is growing more slowly than at any time since the Great Depression (and more). Is one of Africa’s oldest conflicts finally nearing its end? How women took over the military-industrial complex: For the first time, the nation’s defense hierarchy is no longer dominated by men. The Democratic electorate on Twitter is not the actual Democratic electorate. Can Congress force Trump to hand over his tax returns? Sean Illing asked 11 legal experts. Virginia Heffernan on the beautiful benefits of contemplating doom.