Conceptual structure

Valeria Giardino (CNRS): Tools for Thought: The Case of Mathematics. Jamal Greene (Columbia) and Yvonne Tew (Georgetown): Comparative Approaches to Constitutional History. Are we living in a computer simulation? Sean Illing interviews Rizwan Virk, author of The Simulation Hypothesis. Putin’s Russia feels increasingly like a fortress under siege. Blood money: Ken Silverstein on Indonesian wage theft and the Massacre Premium. Annalee Newitz on why the cool kids are playing Dungeons & Dragons. Elizabeth Warren had charisma, and then she ran for president. Look at the forest, not the trees: What we do and don’t know about 2020. The Left critique of bureaucracy: We need a strong public sector but it has to actually be run well.

Lawrence B. Solum (Georgetown): Originalism versus Living Constitutionalism: The Conceptual Structure of the Great Debate. Marlena Trafas reviews Backlash: What Happens When We Talk Honestly about Racism in America by George Yancy. Democrats’ sweeping new anti-harassment bill, explained. Bones discovered in an island cave may be an early human species. Will today’s global trade wars lead to World War III? The Senate is a much bigger problem than the Electoral College. Damon Linker on how scandals no longer matter. Navy cryptologist Shannon Kent was a driven warrior, and then a devoted mom — when her deployment orders came in, could she reconcile the two?