Democrats heading into 2020

Should Democrats worry about political experience in 2020? The progressive base is more pragmatic than you might think: Door knockers know that on the issues, Democratic voters are far from uniform — they’re working with that. In response to Trump’s presidency, America has gotten more liberal, despite appearances to the contrary — will it matter in 2020? The next Democratic president will need to do more than reject Trump: New issue priorities will be a prominent theme for Democrats heading into 2020. Are the Democrats too boring? Many of the party’s 2020 candidates are busy being policy wonks and missing the big picture.

It’s the real economy, stupid: Wealthy political pundits are living in an alternate reality. It’s the sexism, stupid: Kate Manne on why men are dominating the Democratic 2020 primary. Women candidates have fun hobbies too, they just don’t get to talk about them. Why identity politics could be good politics for Democrats in 2020. The Great Awokening: A hidden shift is revolutionizing American racial politics — and could transform the future of the Democratic Party. Are some 2020 Democrats using Google Translate to appeal to Spanish-speaking voters?

The one big takeaway from every 2020 Democratic primary poll. How the giant Democratic primary field messes with polls. Almost everyone got 2016 wrong — we should try to predict 2020 anyway. Yelena Dzhanova and Kelsey Hurwitz on a yearbook of the 2020 presidential candidates. Kevin Drum on how progressives are getting better at bumper stickers. What the 2020 presidential candidates’ logos tell us, explained by design experts. How to survive the 2020 presidential campaign without losing your mind.