Forgotten reason

Yesha Yadav (Vanderbilt): The Myth of Risk Free Markets. Jessica A. Clarke (Vanderbilt): The Rules of #MeToo. Could an idea for fighting poverty be worth a billion dollars? A basic income could solve 8 of society’s biggest problems. The forgotten reason Congress needs to see the Mueller report: Legislators have a responsibility to police obstruction of justice, according to the Constitution. Memo to the press: How not to screw up on the Mueller report. It’s the Barr report, not the Mueller report. Mad Libs, but for democracy: Dan Zak on the timeless intrigue of redactions. The McKinsey way to save an island: Why is a bankrupt Puerto Rico spending more than a billion dollars on expert advice?

Heidi Gilchrist (Brooklyn): The Vast Gulf Between Attempted Mass Shooting and Attempted Material Support. We need to talk about the ethics of having children in a warming world. How worrisome are the divisions among Democrats? Life after liberation: Timothy Garton Ash on the long shadow of Eastern Europe’s communist past. Why Notre Dame isn’t lost. There is no profound meaning to the Notre Dame fire. The Constitution doesn’t say enough about limiting executive power. Kelsey Piper on Matthew Meselson, the man who stopped America’s biological weapons program. You can download Information Consciousness Reality: How a New Understanding of the Universe Can Help Answer Age-Old Questions of Existence by James B. Glattfelder.