Issues in advanced artificial intelligence

Luciano Floridi (Oxford): What the Near Future of Artificial Intelligence Could Be. Nick Bostrom (Oxford): Ethical Issues in Advanced Artificial Intelligence. From Vox, Kelsey Piper on the AI breakthrough that won the “Nobel Prize of computing”: Three researchers helped take deep learning mainstream — and transformed the world; how will AI change our lives? Experts can’t agree — and that could be a problem; and some AI just shouldn’t exist: Attempts to “fix” biased AI can actually harm black, gay, and transgender people. The revolution need not be automated: AI is unnecessarily being directed toward replacing human labor rather than making it more productive. How artificial intelligence is reshaping repression. The Pentagon needs to woo AI experts away from Big Tech.

Martina Kunz and Sean O hEigeartaigh (Cambridge): Artificial Intelligence and Robotization. Bryan Casey and Mark A. Lemley (Stanford): You Might Be a Robot. John Danaher (NUI Galway): The Philosophical Case for Robot Friendship. How AI will rewire us: For better and for worse, robots will alter humans’ capacity for altruism, love, and friendship. Yoshua Bengio helped create A.I. — now, he worries about “killer robots”. AI disaster won’t look like the Terminator — it’ll be creepier. Alexey Turchin on the AI alignment problem: “Human values” don’t actually exist. How artificial intelligence systems could threaten democracy. Jayshree Pandya on the troubling trajectory of technological singularity.