This place is the bomb

A new issue of Education Next is out. The other pride parade: It's fine to celebrate heterosexuality, just be straight about your intentions. A review of Falun Gong and the Future of China by David Ownby. John McCain and Barack Obama both say America should lead the world; do they know what follows? From National Geographic, Charles C. Mann on Our Good Earth: The future rests on the soil beneath our feet. This place is the bomb: Something wild is happening on Christmas Island, once ground zero for nuclear test explosions. Hugh Andrew publishes the books others won’t touch because he believes they contain dying voices that must be revived. From CUP, an excerpt from Useless Arithmetic: Why Environmental Scientists Can't Predict the Future by Orrin H. Pilkey and Linda Pilkey-Jarvis; and an excerpt from Humanity's Footprint: Momentum, Impact, and Our Global Environment by Walter Dodds. From Eat the State!, an article on the Global Poverty Act, the most important bill you've never heard of; and even if you're a vegetarian and you line-dry all your laundry, it's still not a good idea to fly to Greece for a week. The Greeks and the Chinese, doing business for aeons, and the lofty theory, and tough reality, of a link between two peoples who have always known the meaning of diaspora. A look at the top 10 endangered languages