A great new idea bears fruit

From Prospect, contemporary liberalism's insistence that morality is a mere matter of rights and obligations empties life of its ethical meaning; we need a return to the virtue ethics of the pre-moderns, and a renewed conception of the good life. From Economic Principals, a review of Reinventing Knowledge: From Alexandria to the Internet by Ian F. McNeely and Lisa Wolverton. Metrosexual Healing: Can Barack Obama save the trans-Atlantic alliance? Dream Team: Monocle turns its attention to who they'd like to see in the Cabinet. From Texas Monthly, Leave It To Weaver: What John McCain’s former chief strategist thinks of his campaign. From TNR, more radical than Bush: Jonathan Cohn on the full horror of John McCain's economic agenda; and running against Sarah: From beauty queens to political veterans, Palin's former foes offer battle-worn advice. From Writ, an interview with Erwin Chemerinsky on judicial activism; and after Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn Spears, is it time to alter statutory rape laws? From Jewcy, how long before a great new idea bears fruit? From Next American City, a new era for train travel: With high demand for passenger rail service, is it finally Amtrak’s moment to shine? Can reading stories and listening to music make people less destructive? An anthropologist believed the arts could diminish our desire to control the world.