Greatest lost icons

From Strategic Studies Quarterly, Colin S. Gray (Reading): Understanding Airpower: Bonfire of the Fallacies. From Air & Space Power Journal, a review of Uneasy Balance: Civil-Military Relations in Peacetime America since 1783 by Thomas S. Langston; and a review of Who Guards the Guardians and How: Democratic Civil-Military Relations. A review of Constructing America's War Culture: Iraq, Media, and Images at Home. A look at why Americans are reluctant to admit their presidents are kings. Where were they ever?: The 40 greatest lost icons in pop culture history, from Kato Kaelin to Joey Buttafuoco. From Ducts, an essay on how to fail at being a lesbian. From Books & Culture, a review of books on happiness — given, lost, regained. A review of The Constitution's Text in Foreign Affairs by Michael D. Ramsey. From Dissent, an essay on the three lefts of Latin America. From Commentary, Jon Levenson on Chosenness and its Enemies: Few religious doctrines have attracted more virulent criticism than the idea of the chosen people; and Paul R. McHugh on Hysteria in Four Acts: A little history, medical and otherwise, helps in understanding such contemporary epidemics as multiple-personality disorder and reports of childhood sexual abuse. The remains of an ancient gate have pinpointed the location of the David and Goliath city of Sha'arayim.