The time seems ripe

Paul B. Stephan (Virginia): Symmetry and Selectivity: What Happens in International Law When the World Changes? The introduction to Lost in the Sacred: Why the Muslim World Stood Still by Dan Diner. What do you say when a friend or colleague utters a remark that could be regarded as racist? An article on Rachel Maddow's amazing rise from geek to big-time cable news host. A look at what bibliophiles hate about books. From The Bulletin, a look at why increasing the U.S. defense budget won't stimulate the economy. A look at the 6 most insane moral panics in American history. Why are men still twice as likely to climax as women? New research is shedding light on one of the most enduring forms of gender inequity. From Dark Roasted Blend, here's the ultimate guide to modern writers of science fiction and fantasy. Here are six sites that are the Galapagos for modern Darwins. From First Principles, an article on the gist of Paul Gottfried: Right principle and the failure of the American Right. With a new president in the White House and a celebrated reformist shaking up Tehran, the time seems ripe for a diplomatic breakthrough 30 years in the waiting. The many faces of Pablo Picasso: Picasso was the first rock-star artist, whose wild visions gripped the public imagination and changed 20th-century art for ever — but his flamboyant personality divided opinion (and more).