Queues for gal-pal camaraderie

A new issue of Plus: Living Mathematics is out. Martin Rees on mathematics, the only true universal language. From Science News, an article on Darwin, the reluctant mathematician. Here's a skeptic's take on the public misunderstanding of Darwin. Charles Darwin, conservative? Two hundred years later, the right still misunderstands him. From The Science Creative Quarterly, an essay on evolution and the Bible; and it's a lucky thing for evolutionary biology that the following passages aren't in the Bible. Here are eight of Darwin's experiments you can try at home. An article on why we still argue about Darwin (and why we should). Eric Foner on Our Lincoln: As a politician, Lincoln's greatness lay in his capacity for growth — can Obama follow suit? Prepare to change your thinking: We’re not going to have another Great Depression. Best of Everything II: Is there any glamour left in publishing? From Adbusters, four living generations have set the stage for the political youth of today. Peter Steinfels on the new atheism, and something more. Love (and hate) for chick flicks: Millions of women flock to theaters or search their Netflix queues for gal-pal camaraderie, but what they’ll get is cliche after gender-bashing cliche. More on The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008 by Paul Krugman. An interview with former IMF economist Simon Johnson on the oligarchs (and more).