Styles of radical shill

A new issue of H+ Magazine is out. The tallest building in the world is still going up — but what is the point of the Burj Dubai, and does it even have a good view? A review of Accounting for Mother Nature: Changing Demands for Her Bounty. An excerpt from Art Without Borders: A Philosophical Exploration of Art and Humanity by Ben-Ami Scharfstein. Avoid the apostrophe apocalypse: A survey of recent books on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Styles of radical shill: The problem that Shephard Fairey presents also leads to a fear — that he may be, in fact, the perfect portraitist to render Obama. When is special treatment unequal treatment? Reflections on Tim Geithner, Michael Phelps, and Rod Blagojevich. Michelle Rhee on teaching, the toughest job there is. Plastic Surgery Confidential: Cosmetic surgery is now so popular that even young, healthy, attractive women are choosing to be "enhanced". The wisdom of the discount rack: The 25-cent rack at a local library offers some insights into the literary taste of a different time. How Wall Street mocked American values: Just look at the lifestyles of these uberconsumers. A review of Ancient Rome and Modern America by Margaret Malamud. Can A Beginner's Guide to Philosophy help those of too old for PHIL 101? Vanity Fair sits down with the members of Spinal Tap, whose genre-defining mock-umentary just turned 25.