The case for waste

A new issue of Fray is out, including an interview with Kim Pedersen, lifelong monorail fanatic and founder of The Monorail Society, and the Cult of Colbert: Making a pilgrimage to Washington DC to visit the Nation. An article on JFK, Russell Brand and the myth of sex addiction. From NPQ, an interview with Norman Borlaug on why population growth requires a Second Green Revolution. From The Black Commentator, here's a cartoon of Norm Coleman as the Black Knight. The Case for Waste: The idea's to stimulate the economy — so what if we blow a few billion on the wrong things? Keynesian Cons: Much as the supply-siders rail against economic stimulus, they buy the basic argument. A review of The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Volume I: 1929-1940 (and more and more and more; and more on Beckett at Bookforum). From PUP, the introduction to Boundaries of Contagion: How Ethnic Politics Have Shaped Government Responses to AIDS by Evan S. Lieberman; the introduction to The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia by Neil M. Gorsuch; and the introduction to An Intellectual History of Cannibalism by Catalin Avramescu. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, a review of Was Jesus God? by Richard Swinburne; and a review of Jesus and Philosophy: New Essays.