Opening the floodgates

Bookforum’s special summer fiction section brings word of good things to come. Noam Chomsky on the torture memos and historical amnesia. From TNR, the Tamil Tigers have been vanquished, but Sri Lanka's problems have just begun; and Will Shakespeare's come and gone: Does the Bard's poetry reach us like August Wilson's? Come on — really? A review of Michael Gazzaniga's Human: The Science Behind What Makes Us Unique. The first chapter from Playbooks and Checkbooks: An Introduction to the Economics of Modern Sports by Stefan Szymanski. An excerpt from Paradise Found: Nature in America at the Time of Discovery by Steve Nicholls. From Seed, is theoretical physics becoming the next battleground in the culture wars? Not according to some theologians and scientists (and more); and an unusual form of asexual reproduction by a Japanese species of termite raises the question: What is the value of sex? The Chemistry of Commitment: The reason men want sex and women want to cuddle is all about our respective brains. Opening the floodgates: Imports can be as useful to developing countries as exports are. A review of Fitting In Is Overrated: The Survival Guide for Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Like an Outsider by Leonard Felder. A look at how a Cold War bunker became a modern mansion.